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Quick Project Summary - MCRA

Narrated by JoJo Jensen

  Growth Reflected Through Design

When business growth outstrips a website’s ability to function – it’s time for an overhaul. MCRA’s annual conference attendance grew by 15-25% each year and it was clear that their website couldn’t keep up with the demand.  They needed to register attendees, book hotel rooms and make sure that their sponsors were well represented. Changing web formats from Drupal to WordPress was the first step in getting better functionality and much better user experience.

Website Design




Hotel Booking Portal


Hotel Booking & Registration Made Easy

Using a simplified layout with easy to find information and a direct link to the conference hotel room block rate made for quick attendee booking and few questions.

Each year the Hotel page can be quickly reworked.

  1. Turning on and off modules.
  2. Updating images and text.
  3. Updating the conference room block hotel link.

Check. Check. Check. Done. Done. Done. 😀

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